7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Starting Hands

The best starting hands for 7-Card Stud Hi/Low are usually hands that have a chance at the low and the high.  Don't completely ignore the high hands, but don't over emphasize the high hands.

1. The best starting hands are trips (A-A-A down to 2-2-2)
2. A-A- (a 8 or lower) and A- (2 cards 5 or lower)
3. Low suited connectors that are 8 or lower (Ah-2h-5h)
4. A-A-(a 9 or higher)
5. 3 unsuited wheel cards (A-2-5)
6. 3 unsuited wheel cards without an Ace (2-4-5)
7. 3 suited cards with an Ace and another low card (A-7-K)
8. 3 cards that are 8 or lower (2-5-8)

7 Card Stud Hi-Lo Strategy

Try to scoop the pot (take down the whole pot) whenever possible, by making your opponents fold, making the best high hand or making the best high hand and qualified low hand (qualified hands are hands that have 5 cards that are 8 or lower A-3-4-5-8).
    Go for a low hand, hoping to luck out on both pots is generally a profitable strategy in Stud Hi/Low.  This is why a lot of the premium starting hands have low cards in them.
    It pays to keep players in the game for Stud Hi/Low because you are usually playing for half the pot (unless you are going for the high hand, in that case raise to make low draws fold).
    When going for a low hand, fold when you get 2 strikes for your hand.
    Raise your hand when you are convinced that the other players are fighting for the other half of the pot (they won't be scared of your hand and will likely call).
    If your heads up and it comes to the last card, raise your hand if you think your opponent was on a draw and missed.