Top Bitcoin Casinos

It wasn't that long ago when finding a casino that you could fund with your bitcoins meant that you would probably be playing a scam casino or at best a casino with a shady reputation.  Things have totally changed now.  Now, you can play at some of the best casinos online with your bitcoins.
    Less than a year ago we were recommending that you use BTC as your preferred crypto currency.  Now, because of the back-log problems and higher mining fees, bitcoin is no longer your best option.  It is slower, more expensive and you won't have a much larger selection of quality online casinos to choose from compared to any other crypto currency.  In fact, if you are from the U.S., you will have the same selection of casinos if you Litecoin or BCH.  Although if you don't currently have LTC or BCH, then BTC would still be a good and realiable choice compared to more traditional payment methods.




New Player Bonus

#3 Bitcoin  Casino
Bovada Casino

125% up to $1250

#2 Bitcoin  Casino
Bet Online Casino

100% up to $1000

#3 Bitcoin Casino
Wild Casino

$250% up to $1000

A Beginners Guide on using Bitcoins to Bet Online

Before you make a transfer to an online operator you should have bitcoins in your private wallet, whether you currently own bitcoins at an exchange or have never owned a bitcoin before.  Making withdrawals from exchanges is not ideal and some operators actually don't allow deposits from exchanges and more importantly some exchanges will shut down your account if your transactions are connected to gambling.
   The disadvantages of keeping your bitcoins that you want to spend in an exchange include; some operators will ask for a bitcoin address in case they need to issue a refund, some crypto exchanges can literally take days to transfer out your bitcoins, you also have more control over the miner fee with a private wallet and it is much more convenient to use your own wallet.

Types of Bitcoin Wallets

Desktop, hardware, mobile and web are the four types of bitcoin wallets.  Which type or types of wallet to use will depend on how much bitcoin you are planning of holding and how much you value safety over convenience.  We will go over a basic overview of the different types of bitcoin wallets, but for a better understanding and/or comparison on different wallets we suggest checking out the choose your bitcoin wallet page.
    For the most part web based wallets are the most convenient type of bitcoin wallet and secure enough for the majority of bitcoin users day to day purchases.  You can access it on any internet connected device and it requires the least amount of technical knowledge, outside of holding your bitcoins inside of an exchange.  Some of more popular web wallets include and  It is highly recommended that you use some type of two-factor authentication if you are going to be using a web-based wallet.
    Don't want to store your bitcoins on a remote app?  Then you have two options, you can use a hardware wallet such as Digital Bitbox, KeepKey, Ledger Nano S or Trezor.  These devices let you take your private keys offline and with you wherever you go.  The other option is a mobile app or desktop app.  The most highly rated app is Electrum, which has been around 2011.

What you need know before sending Bitcoins

When it comes to bitcoins, make sure you know what you are doing.  For the most part, there are no small mistakes when it comes to bitcoins.  Make sure that you copy, paste and recheck your send and receive addresses.  Once sent, there is little you can do to get your bitcoins back.  It might be a good idea to send a small test transaction if you have never sent a bitcoin from a wallet before.  You can send a small amount of BTC to this test address "139wmJJnNBUaXbYnyHJGTZLzRu6vjvn6ec" and view your transaction at or

Top Bitcoin Poker Rooms

It wasn't that long ago when the only options for funding your online poker room with bitcoins led you to play at some rather small and/or shady poker rooms.  Luckily things have changed and now you have a variety of options to choose from.  In the U.S., you will not find any better poker room than the top three listed below, regardless of how you were planning of funding your poker account.
    In the past we would recommend that you check to see if your favorite crypto poker room accepted a different type of crypto currency.  This is no longer the case, Bitcoin is now quick, reliable, cheap and accepted at virtually all the poker rooms that deal with crypto currencies.

Poker Room



New Player Bonus

#1 Bitcoin Poker Room
Bovada Poker


100% up to $500

#2 Bitcoin Poker Room
Bet Online Poker


100% up to $1,000

#4 BTC Poker Room


100% up to $1,000