South Carolina Poker

The poker laws can be a little harsh and hard to interpret.  Hosting a home game could get you in some much unneeded trouble.  There are no licensed poker rooms in the entire state.  The only way to gamble in legal poker room is to leave the state or take a trip on an Aquasino.

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South Carolina Gambling Laws

Unfortunately wagering any game with cards (including poker) could get you fined up to $100 or 30 days in jail.  This also includes gambling inside your home.  If you set up a card game at home for the purpose of gambling, you may be charged with a fine up to $2000 or 12 months in jail.  There is currently no law against online poker directly.  You could argue that online poker doesn't use actual cards, which might make it not illegal.  The gambling laws in general need to be updated.

Where to play live poker in South Carolina

This is another state where you must take a trip on a ship or go to another state to play live poker.  The casinos on a ship are the Big M Casino and the Sun Cruz Aquasino.

Poker sites accepting players from South Carolina

There isn't a whole lot of poker rooms that will accept players from South Carolina or any state.  Your best options to play online poker are, America's Cardroom and Bet Online Poker.  These are the only poker rooms that I would personally play at.  Any other poker room should probably be avoided.  The remaining poker rooms are filled with professional grinders and that's if you can find a live poker table going.  There isn't much traffic beyond the top three poker rooms.  Also, if you do happen to increase your bankroll while playing against the online poker sharks, you will find that it can be hard to get a withdrawal approved.  There is no reason to play anywhere except the top three poker rooms in South Carolina.