North Carolina Poker

This is the only state that I have ever been where the licensed poker rooms will deal out the poker cards electronically.  Much like online poker, there is no actual cards being dealt and much like regular live poker, there is players sitting around a table waiting for their cards.  This is quite unique and a bit strange at first, but might be a good place for online poker players to get some live poker experience.

North Carolina Poker Laws

If the judge rules that poker is a game of chance, than playing poker for money would be illegal.  There is no mention of playing games with an element of skill, so your lawyer might be able to argue that poker is not gambling as defined by the North Carolina code.  Either way if you are planning of playing poker online or at a home game, than it would be a good idea to keep it discreet and contact a lawyer before hand.  Note: There is a good chance that part of the North Carolina code was not uploaded fully, because not even the casinos in North Carolina will deal out cards to the live poker players.

Where to play live poker in North Carolina

At the Harrah's Cherokee poker room you will be able to play a variation of live poker.  You will sit at a poker table inside the casino, but the cards are digital.  The whole cards are in the middle of the digital table and your cards are in front of your digital display.  It is much like online poker except that you can see your opponents.

Poker sites accepting players from North Carolina

Bet Online Poker.