Maine Poker

This is another state with no licensed poker rooms and harsh laws against gambling.  The lack of choices is not just poker, it is for all gambling except horse race betting.

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Maine Poker Laws

Gambling is clearly defined to include all forms of gambling including poker.  Unlawful gambling in Maine is gambling not expressly authorized by the statute.  Unlawful gambling is a class D crime in Maine which could result in you spending up to 364 days in jail and a $2000 fine.  Home poker games in Maine among family and friends seems to be somewhat legal as long as no one is profiting through the rake.

Where to play live poker in Maine

You will have to set up a home game if you want to play live poker here, because there are no licensed poker rooms in the state.

Poker sites accepting players from Maine, America's Cardroom and Bet Online Poker are your three best options for playing online poker in Maine.  Bovada is by far the larger of the three poker rooms, with as many players as the other two combined.
    There are other poker rooms that you can play at, but they are not a desirable option.  Besides the top three poker rooms, you will find empty tables, tournaments that don't run because of a lack of players, a poker room full of professional grinders and poker rooms with the inability to pay their winners on a timely basis.  Basically, you shouldn't play anywhere, but the top three poker sites listed above.