7 Card Stud Poker Strategy

The best starting hand for 7-Card Stud is without a doubt trips of any rank, starting from A-A-A down to 2-2-2.
    Other premium hands are a high pair (AA, KK, JJ) and high suited connectors (A-K-Q, K-Q-J).
    Strong and medium strength hands are; medium ranked pairs like 8-8 through 10-10 and medium suited connectors, such as J-10-9.
    High suited semi-connectors(K-J-10) are also strong starting hands.
    Low pairs and low to medium rank connectors are usually not a good starting hand, but if only a few bets have been made to you it may pay to speculate for a couple of cheap cards.

Interested in playing 7-Card Stud online?  I suggest you learn the proper 7-Card Stud rules.