Texas Holdem Bonus vs Texas Holdem

Is the online poker player better off playing Texas Holdem or Texas Holdem Bonus?  This is a tough question to answer, because it will greatly depend on how good of a poker player you are and whether you can get a good read on a player.
    A couple of things to consider is the built-in house edge for each game.  If all players at a poker table have the same ability, then the house edge will be 5% (10% at land based casinos) for each hand played, because the poker room will charge a fee known as rake.  There is also a 10% fee that the poker room takes out for multiplayer tournaments.  Texas Holdem Bonus Poker has a house edge of 2.1% for the regular game and a house edge of 8.9% for the bonus bet.  Luck can influence the results for both games, but if all players at the table are of equal caliber, then playing Texas Holdem Bonus would be a better bet.  Of course, not all players are created equal, so not all players would be better off playing Texas Holdem Bonus.  To find out which game is right for you, read about the type of poker player that you are.

The Winning Poker Player

The poker pro is far better off playing Texas Hold'em.  If you in the top 8% of poker players, you are far better off playing against other poker players instead of playing against the house at the Texas Hold'em Bonus tables.  Even if you are a small winning player or a break-even player (top 9% to 15%), then you would have a better chance at winning at Texas Hold'em.  Texas Hold'em has a much bigger house edge, but the edge you have over the other players at the table, more than makes up for the increased house edge.

The Average Poker Player

If you are an average poker player, then you are a player that will need to reload your player account throughout the year.  You should consider playing less Texas Hold'em, because you are actually better off playing Texas Hold'em Bonus.  You are playing a game where the house edge is 20% higher if you are playing at the tables and 238% higher if you are playing in the poker tournaments.  You also don't have a playing edge either.  You might be taking the bankrolls from the weaker players, but you are actually losing your money quicker to the winning poker players and the increased house edge at the online poker room.
    If you win as many hands as you lose, with the approximately the same amount in the pot, you will lose on average 2.5% of each bet.  1000 x $1 bets = $500 winnings x 5% rake = $25 average loss at the Texas Hold'em and a $50 average loss at the Texas Hold'em tournaments.  For Texas Hold'em Bonus you will lose $1000 wagered x 2.1% house edge = $21 average long-term loss.  This doesn't even consider the added edge the winning poker players have on you, which greatly decreases the chances of you being a winning poker player.  If you are an average Texas Hold'em player, you might want to check out the Bovada Casino, which has Texas Hold'em Bonus in their casino

The Below Average Poker Player

If are even slightly below the average poker player, then you have next to no chance of coming out ahead after a long-playing series.  Half the poker players are worse than the average poker player, and less than five percent of the poker players will admit it.  This results in a lot of players depositing into their poker account on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.  These poker players have a snow balls chance in hell in making any money playing Texas Hold'em.  These types of players do not get affected much by the rake taken in Texas Hold'em, but they are severely beaten with the skill advantage that the winning and sometimes just the average poker player have on them.
    Typically the bottom 25% will lose their entire bankroll, some of which will lose their entire bankroll every day that they make a deposit, although these types of players are generally making small deposits to play for fun.  On average they will win 40% of their betting units that they have placed.  The player's loss would be split up with 5% of their winnings (10% of their buy-ins for tournament players) going to the poker room in the form of rake and the remaining loss will be split up between the better poker players.  These types of poker players have an enormous challenge and have next to no hope in ever making a withdrawal.  After a $100 wagered the poker player will have lost $22 on average at the poker tables with $2 paid in rake at the poker room and $20 added to the other poker player's bankrolls at the table.  While playing poker tournaments, the results are quite different with the poker room taking in $10 and the general poker field taking $46 on average.
    Playing Texas Hold'em Bonus is by far the better choice if you are this type of player.  Any player that has average skills or less, should consider playing Texas Hold'em Bonus instead.  Playing Texas Hold'em you are playing against a massive disadvantage.  The house edge for playing Texas Hold'em Bonus can be less than 1/10 the amount when compared to the uphill battle you will have at the online poker tournaments.  If you an below average player, that routinely needs to make a deposit, you might want to look at playing Caribbean Hold'em at the Bovada Casino.