Why I Play Poker Despite being a Losing Poker Player

First off, before I start, I would like to let anyone who is reading this know, that I am a micro to low limit player.  Entering in a $10 tournament at Poker Stars would be one of the more costly games that I would play, although I have played the Sunday Million twice before, but only cashed in the first time.  Most of the time I will play the $2, $4 or a $5 tournaments and it will be either be Texas Hold'em or Omaha Hi/Lo 99% of the time.  Most of the time I can hold my own at the Omaha H/L tourneys, but the Texas Hold'em tournaments almost always end up in a loss.
    For whatever reason, the Texas Hold'em tournaments still draw me in.  I don't know if it because the tourneys are bigger, the games are faster or if it is because there is a bigger selection of tournaments to choose from.  No matter what, I almost always buy-in during the extended registration period.  I just can't stand it when I buy-in early and slowly grind my way through the first thirty to forty-five minutes of a tournament, just to be slightly ahead of the new registrations.  I also love to play the tournaments with re-buys and add-ons, there is nothing like investing $5 in a tourney and cashing in $40+ just for making it past the bubble, because some of the players can't stand not re-buying after every second hand.
    I don't play many hands in Texas Hold'em and even fewer hands that are not obvious power hands.  I will also fold a lot in early position, even if I have an interesting starting hand.  I almost always try to see the flop for the least amount of chips possible, which is why I will call a whole lot more often if I noticed that players have called the big blind before me.  After the flop, I will more than likely fold my hand even if its just a minimum bet that was made.  If I am on a draw or have a modest hand, I will almost always check my hand and call modest bets.  I am incredibly risk adverse, despite only playing in a $2 Texas Hold'em tournament.  Playing live I am less risk adverse and usually do decent at the tables.  This is probably because I can't multitask at a casino, there is no distractions and the games are slower, which forces you to play more hands or run the risk of falling asleep at the tables.
    Personally I think that I am a horrible Omaha Hi/Lo player, but for whatever reason I win often enough that my $5 Omaha Hi/Lo tournaments don't do any damage to my bankroll.  I am tight when I play Omaha H/L, actually crazy tight.  There are times when the field has been knocked down to just 35 players, the tournament has been going on for hours and I will have a 100% win rate during a showdown and have only won a handful of hands.  I'm not sure what it is, but for some reason I am capable of drawing a lot of action into the hands, even though I only see the flop less than 15% of the time.  I guess it helps that I do fold in later rounds, which might be why the other players will re-raise my raises on mediocre hands.

Why I Think I Lose Money at the Poker Tables

Whenever I finish outside of the money in an online tournament or whenever I lose all my chips at an online poker table, I will almost always make up excuses for why I lost.  There are plenty of reasons why I suck at playing online poker.  I don't have a good online strategy, I am too risk adverse while playing online, even though I am playing the micro stake tournaments.  I will play improperly or miss out on a lot of hands, because I have left the poker table to make dinner while playing, I will be working while playing, I will leave to do something in the middle of a tournament such as go to dinner with my fiancĂ©e, go on a bike ride because someone asked if I wanted to come and visit friends and family that come over.  I also haven't learned to get a good read off people while playing online although I admit that not paying any attention to the poker games doesn't help.  Basically the biggest downfall of my online poker game is that I do not care enough or risk enough to make playing online poker for a profit, even a minor priority in my life.
    Now you must be thinking, where can I prey on this fish.  Well it changes, but right now I am slowly losing my chips at a $5 Texas Hold'em tournament at the Bet Online Poker Room and this time I am going to try to stay until the end of the tournament or at least try to stick around until all of my chips are gone.